About Us

Gulfind.com website is the official website for the Gulf Directory, published in co-operation by the FGCCC and Primedia International.

Initially launched in 2005, Gulfind.com has launched its new version in October 2012, offering users and companies the best Gulf Directory services!

Users will find easily detailed information about all the companies in the GCC: addresses, telephone number, fax number, location map, and even promotions, pictures, brochures or videos.

The advanced search engine will enable users to find the companies that will offer the exact services that they are looking for.


Users can also get a free membership to Gulfind.com, MyGulfind. After a 2 minutes registration, the member will get access to its personal dashboard including a tailored address book that he will be able to carry wherever he goes for an easy access to all companies’ details. Special offers and promotions will also be offered exclusively to the members.

The new Gulfind.com website carries its reputation to the top: you can find anything you are looking for on Gulfind.com!

On the advertisers’ side, major exclusive features and opportunities are being offered with this new version of Gulfind.com.

4 types of listings are available for all businesses to increase their online visibility and their search ranking: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The bronze listing is a completely free option giving access to the special dedicated company dashboard of Gulfind.com. This company dashboard enables businesses to updated and increase their visibility at any time, and as many time as they want.

The advanced listings, from BHD 8.3 per month, will increase the search ranking of the company as well as giving it the opportunity to share more information with its potential customers: promotions, events, videos, pictures, brochures, etc.


To further develop online leads, Gulfind.com offers two extra visibility opportunities to its listed companies:

-          The sponsorship of a specific category, with home page visibility

-          A pool of 11 different types of banners, offered on 2 different pricing models to accommodate all needs: a CPM model and a monthly exclusivity model


On top of all those tailored features, an exclusive and secure online payment gateway will offer a 20% discount on all products.

Being visible on Gulfind.com is the best way to get found by potential customers and to increase leads and sales all over the GCC!

If you need any assistance, please contact online@primediaintl.com or +973 1749 0000